I'm trying to use YAGPDB bot to set up live streamer announcements for certain types of users in my discord, twitch subs, and other VIPs. YAGPDB only lets me whitelist a single role, rather than multiple, so I can't set it to allow both VIP and twitch sub roles.


I'm thinking another way around this is to automatically give VIP and twitch subs a role such as "stream announcements enabled" and I can tell YAGBPDB to use this.

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I'm struggling to find a way (built in to discord or via a bot if neccessary) that will assign any new VIP or twitch sub with this new role, and remove it again if their twitch sub lapses or their VIP status is revoked. Any ideas?

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2 months ago
Hello, Twitch has a built in integration for this. All you need to do is follow these steps:


1 – Go to user settings > Connections > Link your Twitch to your Discord

2 – Go to your server > Server Settings > Integrations > Enable twitch integration.

Once you have linked your Twitch to your Discord account you will see the option come up under integrations on your server settings. It will then create 4 roles:

Twitch Subscriber

Tier 1

Tier 2

Tier 3

You can edit these role names, colours and permissions etc as you normally would with any role. This will then automatically give and remove the roles from people when they subscriber to your twitch providing they also have their Twitch linked to their Discord. I would recommend making a #role-info channel or something explaining how to get the role.

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You can find more information here.

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2 months ago

I use this to set twitch roles currently, what I need it to do is also set an additional role at the same time. That's the part I'm stuck on. To put it another way:

I have auto twitch sub role as you describe, and a VIP role. I would like to create a role like "Announce if Streaming" in discord, but not sure how to automatically give this role when they have either the twitch role or the VIP role, and remove it automatically when they no longer have either of those roles.

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