Do you want unlimited likes on your Facebook photos, status?if so, keep reading. In this article, i am going to share best methods to get unlimited likes on Facebook. Some of the people think that this is really hard to get free unlimited likes on Facebook photos or status. do you think so? Actually, this isn’t hard.

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When you will search on Google – How to get fake likes on fb pic, and you will get hundreds of auto liker websites, they provide up to 250-1000 Facebook likes in just 5-10 minutes, isn’t that? But here, I want to tell you something. When you use any auto liker websites by log in your FB ac, ordinarily they save your ac data and sent likes to other users from your ac. But if you don’t care about these, and only want likes, so this post will be helpful for you. I’ll tell you 2 best methods to get free likes on Facebook.




How to get unlimited likes on Facebook photos and status




I’m gonna tell you about 2 deferent auto liker websites/apps, and also I’ll show you how to use these to get unlimited likes. Some developers have developed best auto liker apps and websites which send you free likes by their websites algorithm. Let’s see how these websites work.


How an auto liker website works

At first, let me explain how an auto liker website works. When you log in to an auto liker website, you have to login to your FB ac on their website for Facebook Token Access. Obviously they will save your Token into their website’s database. This way they get many users Token, and provide likes to you from other users Token. And this way you can get free likes.



2 Best Facebook auto liker methods

Here, I’ve listed 2 best methods of auto liker apps/websites which allow getting free likes on Facebook photos and status.

Note: Make sure, your age must be ‘18+’ in your FB account.

Privacy of the photo or status on which you want to get likes , must be in ‘public

Set your followers settings to ‘everyone‘ or ‘public‘.

1) Apental Calc




Apental Calc is an Android app, which allows getting free likes on your own Facebook photos, or get likes on photos of any Facebook users. Size of the app is 4MB. Let’s see how to use Apental Calc auto liker for Facebook.

At first, you have to download the Apental Calc from the official website. Just go to the website and click Download Now button to start download – (



After download, install the app and open. After open the app, you will see a simple Facebook log in interface. Log in to your Facebook account and just open a photo on which you want likes. After open, the photo as you can see the screenshot, the “Want like onthis?”button will be green,



Just click the green button and the photo will be getting likes in few minutes.





2) Auto liker websites

I’ve seen, some of the people also search that ‘Facebook likes hack‘ or ‘get fake likes‘ but these aren’t fake likes, this is real likes get from other auto liker users. There are many websites available who provide unlimited real Facebook likes. here I’ve listed some website names –

How to get unlimited likes on auto liker websites? Just follow these simple steps given below.

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1. Go to any of these above listed websites, and log in to your FB account.

2. Click on ‘Get Token’ button to generate Token.

3. Copy the Token url/code




4. After copy, past the url in the empty blank box

5. Click on ‘Submit‘ button. And you will be able to get unlimited likes.

6. Now select ‘Auto likes‘ and then, select your Status or Photo,on which you want to get start auto likes.

Now open your FB account, and see the likes of the photo or status.

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I don’t recommend to keep using of any Auto liker apps or websites. Your FB account might be get hacked or blocked. Create your new FB account and try this method, for safety. If any question regarding this post, Please feel free to write in comment box. Keep visiting,

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